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Hello my friends!

I know it has been very quiet around here for such a long time. It was with a reason.

For months I have been wanting to change, to do something different. Not only in my own personal life, but also with this blog. I started this blog with the intention to share beautiful homes, things I loved. Decorating was always my thing. I loved changing up some accessories in my home every season, I loved reading home & decor magazines and hoarding them, clipping images and saving all kinds of books and magazines and pictures of my dream home. From when I was a little girl, I had a clear vision on how my dream home looked like.

We have Pinterest now for clipping images, creating the dream interior in our mind and dreaming of our dream home. We have so many blogs who share beautiful home tours, who do it better than me. Ok, confession: I also compared myself too much with other bloggers. But the biggest reason I was so quiet and stopped blogging here was because I wanted to show more of myself here.

This blog didn’t bring me joy anymore. I lost interest. For a long time I was happy with Simply Fabulous Chic. It started in 2010 as my little online playground where I could share and write away, but it wasn’t me anymore. It didn’t feel real to me anymore. It didn’t show enough of myself. I got tired of blogging and felt like I was in a deep rut.

A new direction was very much needed. I played with the thought of quitting this blog for a while. I cried, I got nervous, I laughed, I ignored this blog… When I finally realised I was changed. Decor is still my thing, but I changed deep inside. There are so many other things I love: writing, books, calligraphy, styling, entertaining, yoga, mindful living, lovely quotes, having these deep, about- life- talks with friends, simple beautiful evenings with great food and friends and live more intentional with what I have and the time I have.

Slowly the idea grew to start a new blog. I might not live the most crazy, adventurous life (I’m kind of a homebody) but I want to change up things in blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of work and finally I can tell you I have started a brand new blog and website:

I wanted to show my two boys, Jules & Louis to show that any dream is doable, if you only work for it. And I also wanted to go after my dream of writing more, opening my webshop with beautiful things I would love to buy for myself, which I’m working on really hard now. I just hope to stay healthy, have a healthy family, travel more, inspire others and maybe someday write a book. But there are only 24 hours in a day and we cannot simply do everything, so I have to pick one at a time and work on my goals step by step.

I hope you’ll join me on my new adventure.

I hope to see you very soon!

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Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - Nomad in Bruges - Front window

Image from Nomad’s Facebook-page

Talking about sharing one hell of a tip with you, sweeties, on where to have a drink, breakfast or lunch in Bruges! Nomad. Trust me when I say it’s the newest place to be. And a true gem. Owners Bram and Margaux recently bought and renovated the whole place, after owning a bed & breakfast in South-Africa for almost 6 years. To give their two little children a place to grow up closer to family, they returned back to Belgium. Their concept is simple: No Ordinary Meals and Drinks. Connected with their move abroad to South-Africa (and back to Belgium), it is a well-chosen name, Nomad.

And you can tell they have been inspired by South-Africa. The way the interior is styled, the food on the menu… All products are eco-friendly, daily and fresh, and more importantly: organic. All their vegetables come from De Hogen Akker, the organic farm of Bram’s parents. Are you a fan of superfoods like oats and granola? Or more into a healthy lunch? Interested in having an exclusive gin & tonic? They’ve got you covered. Heck, they even serve organic spelt pasta, which I think is great!

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - Nomad in Bruges - entry

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - Nomad in Bruges - collage

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - Nomad in Bruges - lounge area

Of course, as an interior lover I’m also always on the watch out for beautifully decorated places. So when my hubby told me about Nomad, I got curious. And when I saw the interior, my little interior loving heart jumped for joy. It is simply fabulous and chic. With white brick walls, modern hanging light bulbs, white tolix chairs and wooden floors, the place feels modern yet warm and cosy. Just perfect. I felt right at ease there. And inspired. I loved the simple touches on every table: a small vase with a little branch of rosemary. That’s an elegant way to add greenery (and wonderful scent).

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - Nomad in Bruges - table and chairs

When Margaux asked us if everything was allright, I told her “yes, I think it’s very pretty here”. And she laughed, because she actually meant the food. Which was also way ok! She thanked me, but I was really impressed with everything. And also the friendly service there. So, if you’re in the area, or when you’re tired of shopping all day in Bruges, you can have a stylish drink, breakfast or lunch at Nomad. Definitely one to try out in Bruges!


‘t Zand 12

8000 Brugge

Open: every day, except on Sundays

More info: +32 (0)50 73 64 88


Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - How To Host A Girls' Night In

I love entertaining. Some drinks, a few appetizers or good food, and the company of lovely friends or family. There’s nothing more you need. And I’m that kind of girl who loves dressing up the table, getting all of my decoration out to get the table looking beautifully. Simple, elegant or all the way with lots of colours, I love it all. And as long as the company is feeling comfortable at our home, I’m happy!

Usually we have friends or family coming over for a drink, a nice BBQ or a good cooked meal, but I was thinking… wouldn’t it be great to host a girl’s night in? You know, like the good old days where your girl friends from school came over to sleep at your place and you could stay up late. Giggling, watching cartoons in your pyjama’s, eating crisps in front of the tv as much as you could… This time there are no parents involved but still a lot of giggling. Wouldn’t it be nice to catch up again with your female friends with food and wine? Or even better: cocktails?

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - Westwing Perfect Hostess Guide

Friends are good for you. They listen to your problems, laugh with you and comfort you. Why not thank them for always being there by throwing a little party at your place? Here are some great ideas and tips on how to host a perfect girl’s night in. Remember, there are no rules, whatever you feel like doing, is fine!

Pick a theme

It could be anything to organise a get together with your besties! You could throw a wine-tasting evening,   a movie night, a creative workshop, or a game night where you can play cards or any other game  (Pictionary is especially funny when you had something to drink…*wink*). Or when you have a large kitchen, you could cook together.

Choose your favourite movies

When doing a movie night with drinks and food, you can check out more film titles (and cool cocktail recipes or menus) in Westwing’s The Perfect Hostess-guide (only in Dutch, sorry to my foreign readers!).

No guys or kids allowed

A very important tip! If your boyfriend or husband wants to stay sane, you’d better get him out of the house. Haha! And the kids too. Imagine if you and your girlfriends wake up the kids with your laughter or noise. Be sure you have the house to yourself! Continue reading