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Welcome to the world little Louis

Hello lovelies!

Just checking in quickly to announce some BIG news!!! Our second miracle, little baby boy no. 2 named Louis, is born on April 2nd at 20.09 p.m.! A bit earlier than I was expecting, but here’s one happy mother typing away this quick little blog post. *wink* We’re all doing great and it’s wonderful to see how Louis’ big brother Jules is so caring and loving towards his little baby brother.

I have to say that this time during labour it wasn’t as easy and painless as when I was in labour when giving birth to Jules. Let’s just say that it really hurt even though I got an epidural… Don’t think it properly worked this time and I almost lost my temper at the midwife during labour, but I’ll spare you the details. *wink* But one cliché is so very true: you forget all your pain the moment you get to hold your own baby in your arms. So wonderful to see how the human body works and how baby’s temperature and color changed when lying on my belly the first hour. It went from purple to baby pink.

Louis is definitely a big boy: the midwife told me he weighed 3 kg 990 grams, measured 52 cm and his head size was 39.5 cm, so go figure how hard this labour was. Glad it was over in a few hours. It really didn’t take me long to give birth, I only went to the hospital around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and by 20.09 p.m. we welcomed little Louis to the world! Jules’ first reaction was great the next morning: he wanted to hold his baby brother, gave him kisses… He’s really loving and caring and although he can be a bit demanding for extra attention, he’s doing superb! Totally proud of my oldest son. And I’m totally a proud mommy of my two beautiful boys. Louis is a very calm and quiet baby who is definitely a whole different personality than his older brother Jules. I only hear him crying when he needs his food. Breastfeeding is what I’m doing right now and I’m glad to say this time it works wonderfully. I’m more relaxed, which works wonders for breastfeeding of course.

Yesterday Louis was already one week old, so here are some pictures I wanted to share with you. Please bare with me, because I won’t be checking in regularly for the coming weeks and my blog’s make over is also scheduled in the coming weeks, but I promise to be more active on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook in the following weeks! So you will be hearing from me again soon!

Hope you’ll love the pictures, and let me know how you are all doing guys! Would love to hear from you as well!!

Simply Fabulous Chic Baby Love Louis

Simply Fabulous Chic Baby Love Louis and Jules

Loads of hugs from our little happy family of four,

Inge, Bart, Jules and Louis x

I Love Lists: 5 other fun facts about me

My all-time favorite city in the world must be New York City. I was there in 2008 with my husband and we both fell in love with the vibe and all the great places and spots the city has to offer…

Simply Fabulous Chic - NYC Art Print by Studio Laura Campanella

Image via Studio Laura Campanella on Society 6

We cannot wait to go back!

I love cosmopolitans and bubbles. My friends always know what to order: a cosmo when I feel like drinking cocktails or bubbles when I feel sparkly and bubbly. *wink* And by bubbles I mean champagne, cava or spumante! It’s always delicious and always great to serve when having guests too.

Simply Fabulous Chic Champagne 100 Layer Cake

Image via 100 Layer Cake

Pink is my all-time favourite colour! Of course, I’m a girl…

Simply Fabulous Chic Audrey Hepburn Pink


Image via Pinterest – no original source found

Do I need to say more? *smile*

Oh and you can always wake me up for good old Belgian fries (why call them French fries when they were invented by Belgians?) or for a cup of delicious chocolate mousse, homemade by my mother. Truly the best!

Simply Fabulous Chic Chocolate Mousse My Baking Addiction

 Image via My Baking Addiction

Dancing is one of my first “loves”. My mother always told me she wanted me to do classical ballet when I was only 5, but I cried so hysterically when I had to go (probably because I didn’t want to wear a tutu) she decided not to let me dance ballet. Two years later, when I was 7, I wanted to do jazz-ballet, the modern ballet. Just because my cousin wanted it. At first I went to class with my cousin, but when she stopped I continued doing modern ballet until I was 22. And I absolutely loved it. I only stopped because of my studies…and not having enough time anymore.

Simply Fabulous Chic Modern Dance

Image via Pinterest – no original source found

When I come to think of it: I miss doing it. It felt so relieving to just dance (barefoot) and learn the choreography for 2 hours long. It makes my head empty when I dance and makes me feel happy (yep, like Pharell is singing these days). So I decided for myself to pick it up again after giving birth to our second baby boy. It’s the only sport and work out I did when I was younger and it kept me fit and happy, so why not start again soon?

What about you? What is your favorite city? And favorite drinks, food and color? And what kind of sport do or did you love doing? Please share it with me in the comments!

Inge x



Simply Stylish: Orange & Cobalt Blue

Today’s post was actually inspired by a new summer outfit I got from my mom-in-law for little Jules. It’s with white, bright orange and cobalt blue and just screams “summer”. *wink* So I thought it would be nice to pick these same colors and put together a new Simply Stylish-post for this month. As I’m getting more tired due to the pregnancy (I’m due around the beginning of April, so that’s almost any moment now), I am also getting fed up with all of my pregnancy clothes. When I look at all the bright colors and the pastel colors around me in the stores, I’m just longing for summer and my old body — that I will try to get in shape as soon as possible. Are there any other pregnant mommies out there who are feeling the same as I do? And what do you think of these colors? Love or hate them?

Orange & Cobalt Blue & Hot Pink

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

Orange, Cobalt Blue & Hot Pink in Interior

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14

De post van vandaag is eigenlijk een beetje geïnspireerd op het cadeau dat ik van mijn schoonmama heb gekregen: een nieuwe zomeroutfit voor Jules. Het is een witte t-shirt met kobaltblauwe letters en een fel oranje short met blauwe broekspijpjes onderaan. Echt héél leuk en het roept gewoon de zomer op als je er nog maar naar kijkt! Dus dacht ik dat het wel leuk was om dezelfde kleuren te gebruiken in een nieuwe Simply Stylish-post voor deze maand. Nu dat ik meer en meer moe word door de zwangerschap (ik loop op mijn laatste, en het is voor elk moment begin april), begin ik ook meer en meer genoeg te krijgen van mijn eigen saaie zwangerschapskleren. Als ik dan de felle en pastelkleurtjes rond me zie in de etalages, dan verlang ik gewoon naar de zomer (naar shoppen) en naar mijn vroegere lichaam — dat ik hoop zo snel mogelijk terug te krijgen! Zijn er nog andere zwangere mama’s hier die hetzelfde gevoel hebben? En wat denken jullie van deze kleurencombinatie? Liefde op het eerste gezicht of eerder niet?

Inge x

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