SFC Blog - Our Home in Full Bloom - front

Say hello to our home. In full bloom. Like I shared on Instagram a few days ago. For the ones who want to follow me, you can find me @Simplyfabulouschic.  I really love how some flowers can really add more charm to your home. It really gives it more curb appeal, don’t you think? And as you can see, I’m totally into pink flowers. I’m also very fond of my two lavender blue pots at the front door. We bought them a few years ago in the South of France, Provence. Sometimes we plant lavender in them, sometimes just flowers. We even plant (mostly yellow) flowers in them during Fall, which makes it always a happy coming home. I’m so happy my husband has the green thumbs I don’t have, otherwise our home wouldn’t look as pretty as it does now.

You must think I’m pretty crazy for not blogging so regularly, but my laptop broke down last week. We had to install a new SSD-card into the old thing, because our old hard disk just crashed. It wouldn’t close or start up properly, so that’s another problem out of my way. Anyway, I wanted to tell and blog about so many things and I couldn’t! So that is why I wanted to make you happy with something more personal and something I haven’t shared yet with you: how our house looks like during Summer…

SFC Blog - Our Home in Full Bloom - close up front door

SFC Blog - Our Home in Full Bloom - Close-up

I was shooting pictures (with my iPhone 6 by the way) after doing groceries shopping and when editing them, I realised I didn’t put away the diapers that are still in the hallway. Haha!

SFC Blog - Our Home in Full Bloom - roses

 All images taken by me for Simply Fabulous Chic 

Don’t you just love roses? These ones are called “Snowwhite” and their scent is absolutely wonderful! I love how everything is in bloom right now. Gotta love summer… This weekend I’ll be entertaining our close friends to a small BBQ in our garden (which is finally finished), I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on that party as well. Although we don’t celebrate the 4th of July here in Belgium, I wish all of my American friends and readers a wonderful day! Enjoy yourselves sweeties!

Inge x

Copper & Chambray

Wow, can you believe it’s almost July?? And I realised, it really is a long time ago I shared another colour palette. But this one I definitely wanted to show you. The chambray blue is totally trending right now as a colour for summer. And I have been spotting it everywhere lately. Obviously, because I have been obsessing over this chambray blue shirtdress. And yes, I’m allowed to buy one, because I have been so busy decluttering my whole house and the stuff I have been throwing out, feels actually relieving. There’s more room in my head to think clearer… and there’s much more room in my closet as well now! *wink* The cool New York marquee wall lighting is also something I’m crushing on, so cute! And that blue Eames chair (a replica though) is super lovely… Anyway, I thought this blue looked great with the copper-coral orange colours. Well, this colour palette says it all: I’m totally ready for summer. Aren’t you? What are your favourite colours for summer to go to?

Inge x

SFC Blog - Ibiza Home - Pool front view

SFC Blog - Ibiza Home - pool

SFC Blog - Ibiza Home - patio

Lately I’ve been obsessing over wood, light and pieces of furniture with a soul. You know, more like the bohemian style in interiors. You could say I’ve got Ibiza on my mind. Which is a place that is definitely on my wish list. I really want to visit this island with its relaxing bohemian vibes, maybe next year! And this home tour is one I couldn’t resist showing. The owners are a Dutch couple that renovated and decorated the whole house. Definitely worth giving their website True Ibiza a look, they rent some beautiful homes too! And I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Ibiza too, like I did when scouring for inspiration for this blog post. There’s something magical and relaxing about this island that I truly want to discover. Someday! Hopefully next year.

SFC Blog - Ibiza Home - kitchen

SFC Blog - Ibiza Home - bathroom

SFC Blog - Ibiza Home - living area

SFC Blog - Ibiza Home - Bedroom
Images: via VT Wonen & True Ibiza

Just take a look at these pictures. Pure bliss. I love the natural feel of the interior, the use of wooden furniture and different textures all throughout the home. The pebble wall behind the bed, the rugs, the colours,… It all has a soul, it has depth. But my favourite place in this home has to be outdoors! The pool, the patio and the plants that surround you. If you ask me how paradise looks like? This comes really close. Haha! And I love love love the lighting they’ve used, in and out.

So, I’d love to hear from you! Have you been to Ibiza once? What do you love about the Ibiza style at home and in fashion? And what do you love about this home on this stunning island? I love everything about it!

Lalalalaaaaa… I’ve already got Ibiza on my mind! *wink*

Inge x