I’m really a sucker for pretty tables and cozy get togethers with close friends or family. And lately we haven’t had a lot of time to host a little dinner party, let alone go to one. All because of being so crazy busy with our kids and work that everything else gets a bit on the background. But that being said, I really hope I can throw a little stylish glamorous Halloween party or at least go to one. And guess what? I was hoping to throw one and yesterday morning I got an invitation by close friends to have a cozy (Halloween) dinner at their place! So happy for receiving the invitation. And Bart and I are so looking forward to have a good time, relax and talk a little more about what we all have been up to.

And for all of you who are looking to throw a little spooky glamorous party, here are my 10 favorite glamorous Halloween party essentials! Which essentials do you love? Do you use other things to get your spooky party all glamorous and fun looking? Please do share, I’m curious!

My 10 glamorous Halloween party essentials

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Als ik een mooi gedekte tafel zie, of als ik ze zelf dek en ik ben tevreden over mijn styling-skills, of ik mag gezellig gaan eten bij dichte vrienden en familie, dan geniet ik. Maar de laatste tijd hebben we eigenlijk helemaal geen tijd gehad om zelf een etentje te organiseren, laat staan dat we regelmatig eens rustig konden afspreken met vrienden. Allemaal omdat het zo hectisch is geweest de laatste tijd, dat alles een beetje op de achtergrond is geraakt. Maar hopelijk komt het er nog van, een stijlvol Halloween feestje met vrienden. En raad eens? Gisteren kreeg ik plots een spontane uitnodiging voor een (Halloween) etentje bij vrienden thuis! Dat kwam net goed uit, want ik keek er wel nog ‘ns naar uit om gezellig bij te kletsen en tijd door te brengen en te vertellen over onze laatste avonturen allemaal.

Voor al diegenen die zelf thuis een stijlvol en glamoureus Halloween feestje willen geven, hier deel ik mijn 10 favoriete, glamoureuze Halloween party essentials! Welke uit mijn lijstje vinden jullie leuk? En wat zouden jullie zelf er nog aan toevoegen? Zeker delen, ik ben (niet) nieuwsgierig…

Have a boooo-tiful day!

Inge x

Frank Sinatra once quoted “Orange is the happiest color”. Well, he was right. The last few weeks it’s all orang-y colors we’re seeing everywhere. But it’s ok, because these spicy colors are definitely beautiful to watch. Just take a little walk through the park and you’ll see the most lovely colors fall has to offer. I love it. I love pretty pumpkins too. And as you can tell here and here, orange makes me happy!

Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m not posting regularly here… I’m sorry I am out of my blogging-rhythm but it’s been so so so busy that I haven’t had time to actually plan out all of my blog posts in advance. Every post is written in the teeny little hours after the kids are asleep. I sometimes have not enough time to do it all lately, my laundry pile gets bigger and bigger, my home looks a bit exploded with toys and I feel terribly tired these days. Could it be the coming change to winter time again? I know these are all excuses, but I hope you’ll understand my irregular posting! Anyway, to give your Monday an extra color boost or maybe some inspiration, I want to share the prettiest pumpkin-orange colors I’ve found on internet. Enjoy!

Simply Fabulous Chic - Pretty Pumpkin color collage

Simply Fabulous Chic - Pretty Pumpkin Orange Colors Collage

1 / 2 (no original source found) / 3 / 4 / 5 (no original source found) / 6 / 7 / 8 (no original source found) / 9 (no original source found)

For more pops of orange or inspiration, just check out my Pinterest boards: Color Crush: Orange and Fall & All!

Happy huesday lovelies!


Ever had that feeling of not knowing what to do with your walls? Do you also get that itchy feeling of nervousness when the walls are still blank and you feel it needs something but you have no idea what? Well, in my case, I love gallery walls. And cute art prints. Is it because my grandmother her home is always jokingly called the picture paradise (I sometimes thinks she collects pictures from her grandchildren and great-grandchildren…)? Or is it because my parents-in-law owned a framing shop? I honestly don’t know but what I do know is that I hate blank walls. A great gallery wall adds so much more personality to your interior. That’s my opinion. Postcards, calendar art, even a cool quote you’ve picked up somewhere or a canvas you created yourself, is all great to hang in your home.

My inspiration came from my own little hallway gallery wall with all kinds of photos of our little family and our boys. I am thinking of expanding it with loads of pictures from the rest of our family and friends. I enjoy watching it when I walk up or down the stairs. Even our oldest loves looking at the pictures of himself as a baby. *wink* So if you’d love to know how you can spice up your walls, then I hope you’ll find some inspiration in my 8 examples I collected from the internet!

Simply Fabulous Chic - Style Me Pretty - wall art quotes

1. A gallery of quotes. This artsy gallery of inspiring quotes cannot not make you happy. And this example is completely my style! Touches of pink and gold really makes this wall complete. It would look perfect in your home office or even in your living room.

Simply Fabulous Chic - SFGirlByBay - wall art collection

2. Create a floating gallery wall. This “floating” wall divider filled with art, prints and other artsy collectibles not only makes your home interesting to walk around, but also creates a surprising touch in your home. Just beautiful!

Simply Fabulous Chic - The Perfect Palette - wall art marquee lights

3. Marquee lights for that bold statement. Ok, for the people who do not know me already, I’m a lover of marquee lights. And I’m still looking to buy or diy them myself. So… Do I need to say more? I just LOVE this! It looks perfect in any room on any wall. Especially if you are daring enough to go big and bold, then I totally recommend using big marquee lights. Combined with these wooden pallets on the wall gives it a rustic look that I absolutely adore.

Simply Fabulous Chic - Design Sponge - wall art washi tape

4. Create washi tape frames. Washi tape is still fun to use. And if you’re looking for a pop of color on your walls, it definitely makes your pictures and prints stand out. Oh and let’s not forget: it is so easy to DIY (very important… haha!).

Simply Fabulous Chic - The Creativity Exchange - wall art calendar art

5. Frame calendar art. Some calendars definitely are a gem and are too beautiful to use. Especially in this case. The prints framed in this image are from Rifled Paper Co. and boy, do they have some beauties of calendars! Together with the bold painted cabinet it looks so fantastic! I am so jealous, because my husband would never allow me to paint a cabinet hot pink… Haha!

Simply Fabulous Chic - Mmmcrafts - wall art vintage plates

6. Display your vintage plates. How about hanging your collection of clocks, cups or even vintage plates on the wall? I’m sure lots of people will ask you where you got them, at least that would be one of the questions I would ask if I’m in someone’s home and I’d see all these plates. How fun it is to collect things with a story behind it and display them?

Simply Fabulous Chic - A Beautiful Mess - wall art gold moon

7. Decorate your wall with gold. Like this golden moon! As you know, I love gold (just check out my wardrobe…which I will show you soon!). And maybe all that glitters ain’t gold, but it really does make my heart sing! So why not spice up your walls with a special decoration you made yourself? Like this cool DIY-project I found… It looks hard to make, but with a reflector, a steady hand and gold paint you can do it too! I definitely want to try this out in our oldest son’s room soon, but maybe with another color.

At Home in Love - wall art minted

8. Create an eclectic gallery wall. Like this one at Aileen’s living room — my favorite blogger! I truly love her style. She really did an amazing job in picking out pieces together with her husband and created an eclectic gallery wall that complements the minty accent color in her living room. Aileen combined quotes, objects and prints they both loved, so whatever you create on your walls, make sure YOU love it! (By the way, I am loving that lamp, vase and minty arrow pillow…)

So which idea do you love? And did you already create a gallery wall in your home? And what kind of things did you hang on your walls? I’m curious… *wink*

Inge x