Yes, I hear you. Halloween is still to come, and I’m talking already about the newest Christmas trends? Yep. It’s because I’m a total Christmas freak! Usually I cannot wait until December to start decorating. Here in Belgium, most people declare me crazy, because officially most people wait after December 6th, when we — or at least the kids — celebrate Sinterklaas. That’s our Dutch Santa Claus who comes to bring presents for the kids. But I have a problem with being patience and I don’t want to put up all our Christmas decorations for only 2 weeks. Then I miss out on all the fun. So I always love to start early. As in ‘somewhere in November’.

And I also love to get in the holiday spirit early. So when I visited our local garden center Walter Van Gastel — I talked about them and their Christmas trends for 2013 here — I also got to know their latest Christmas trends for 2014. Hope you’ll enjoy all of my pictures I took (with my iPhone)! Warning: I took loads of them, so you may have a Christmas overload after this post… *wink* I have to say the pastel trend is my personal favorite. And yours? What are your favorite color trends for Christmas this year? And what color of ornaments do you normally use to decorate your tree?


Simply Fabulous Chic - Christmas trends 2014 Van Gastel - Pastel Christmas

Simply Fabulous Chic - Christmas trends 2014 Van Gastel - Pastel blue

Simply Fabulous Chic - Christmas trends 2014 Van Gastel - Pastel and white Continue reading

If I had to give every season a color, then I would pick gold for fall. It’s the perfect season to cuddle up under a blanket inside, get all cozy with candles and books and treat yourself with candy. So gold all the way, know-what-I’m-saying? I definitely love a bit of gold, copper and some splashes of color here and there (especially pink).

Since I’m not a fan of spooky things on Halloween, I never do scary decorations. My decorations for Halloween and fall are pretty simple. I try to bring a bit of nature inside our home, some mini pumpkins, a few candles here and there and I have fall in my home. This year I even haven’t started decorating yet, I’m so late with everything this year. But it isn’t too late to start decorating! I have found 10 oh-so-pretty colorful ways to style your pumpkins for Halloween. And guess what? This time I left out the typical orange-black colors… Let’s go gold and colorful this Halloween!

Love love love these colorful pumpkins with a gold stern! So happy and bright. Oh and the pink and golden pumpkins with flowers on the table look so lovely! And which one out of these is your favorite project?


Simply Fabulous Chic - pumpkin confetti dot

Simply Fabulous Chic - pumpkin gold geometric

Simply Fabulous Chic - pumpkin copper white striped

Simply Fabulous Chic - pumpkin and candles

Simply Fabulous Chic - pumpkin white gold dipped

Simply Fabulous Chic - Golden pumpkins - Lacquer & Linen

Simply Fabulous Chic - pumpkin gold pink flowers

Simply Fabulous Chic - pumpkins colorful

Simply Fabulous Chic - pink ombre pumpkins

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Als ik elk seizoen een kleur zou moeten geven, dan zou ik goud kiezen voor de herfst. Dat is echt een gepaste kleur. Wie geeft er geen goud om lekker lui en warm onder dekentjes te kruipen als het buiten fris en koud is, en te genieten van lekkere pompoensoep en de gezelligheid van kaarsenlicht? Dat verdient goud.

Aangezien ik geen fan ben van enge dingen voor Halloween, doe ik dus niet aan griezelige decoratie. Mijn herfst en Halloween decoraties zijn meestal heel eenvoudig. Ik haal wat groen binnen, een paar leuke mini pompoentjes en wat kaarsen en dat is het eigenlijk. Meestal leg ik elk jaar ook een pompoen (of meer) buiten aan de voordeur, maar dit jaar ben ik zelfs nog niet eens begonnen met versieren. Ik heb er simpelweg geen tijd voor. Maar het is niet te laat om nog je decoraties uit te halen. En nu heb ik 10 oh-zo-mooie kleurige manieren gevonden om al je pompoenen op te vrolijken voor Halloween. En raad eens? Dit keer geen oranje-zwart, maar goud en kleur all the way!

Wat is jullie favoriet uit deze 10 manieren?

Inge x

Say goodbye to dots, triangles and other geometric forms and objects that have been trending for a long while now…and say hello to the hexagon shape! Remember those crocheted throws in all kinds of orange or brown colors with hexagon shapes back in the days when we were young? Now it’s made a come back. And how!

I have been spotting all these hexagon shapes lately, and I have officially fallen in love. The hexagon shape, or better known as the honeycomb shape, is so dynamic and lovely in any interior. Another win for the bees clearly, because they have inspired some pretty cool home decor! I like it very much in furniture pieces or even in tiles or on patterns. Just check out what I found here and get inspiration to get some hexagon shapes, objects, patterns or even tiles in your home!

Simply Fabulous Chic - hello hexagon - coasters

These modern wooden coasters are so elegant and easy to DIY!

Simply Fabulous Chic - Hello Hexagon - planters

I am sooooo going to try this cute DIY! Love love love the copper trend as well…

Simply Fabulous Chic - Hello Hexagon - garden tiles

Even outside your home you can find the honeycomb form in all its glory. How cool is this? The spots where normally the tiles would have been, were replaced by lush green grass. Genius for when you want a big impact in a small place like a patio outside.

Simply Fabulous Chic - Hello Hexagon - blue tiles floor

Simply Fabulous Chic - Hello Hexagon - blue tiles

Like I said before, I absolutely adore handmade cement tiles. Especially blue ones. And in a hexagon shape? Yes please!

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Simply Fabulous Chic - Hello Hexagon - hexagon wall decor

Are you a color lover and want something else with your walls? Why not try to recreate this honeycomb wall with ombre effect?

Simply Fabulous Chic - Hello Hexagon - wall decoration

Or this wall decoration is also very cool to try… Loving the touches of gold here!

Simply Fabulous Chic - Hello Hexagon - mirror

And what do you think of hexagon mirrors? J’adore!

Simply Fabulous Chic - Hello Hexagon - table

For all who dare: combine a hexagon shaped table with a bold patterned rug. Talking about an impression! I love this dining room…

Do you love the newest trend as well? And do you have any hexagon shapes in your home? I’d love to know your thoughts on this trend!

Inge x