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This was fabulous January

Note: I wanted to post this on Friday, January 31st, but didn’t have time enough since we left for London really early in the morning… I didn’t want to hold back these cute links I found, so here it is – a bit late, but better late then never!

As the new year started, I was thinking about my blog and how I could offer you cool new features on my blog. And then it hit me. Why not offer you a monthly round-up of links, notes and things my eye spotted during my journey on the world wide web? It might be fun, so I want to give it a try! Just please – pretty please – let me know in the comments if you are fed up with it already, or just absolutely freakin’ love it. Just leave me a message. I can handle it. *wink*

Simply Fabulous Chic January

So… here I go in my new feature!

The first two weeks of January were really difficult for me to get out of bed. A stomach bug got me all tired and weak for nearly two weeks, so it wasn’t really fun for my husband to have this smelly (I won’t go into details), sick looking, pregnant wife walking around in the house. So first on my list is a big THANK YOU for my loving, caring husband for cleaning our home while I was feeling too messed up and taking care of me and Jules so well. Love you both so much!

The blog of Aileen, At Home in Love, is one I discovered around the end of December and immediately fell in love with. When I saw she was still looking for sponsors, I quickly knew it was one of these cute blogs I wanted to sponsor. Go and check out it here!

I love my dog Lilly. She’s got a bit of a smelly breath and she’s snoring when she sleeps, but  she’s still adorable after 7 years. And when you need a little reminder on how a dog can save your life, just read the article. You’ll love it.

Here are 18 things everyone should start doing again, amen to that!

OMG, I totally love these prints – would be perfect for my future home office.

To take the perfect picture (whether it is for your blog or just because you love taking pictures) Will from Bright Bazaar’s blog shares ten really interesting tips! And also Christina from Little Victorian shared a few good tips on how to make your interior look better on pictures.

This look at a little town, called Doel (pronounce: Dool) near the city of Antwerp, made me a little sad to read it. Being from the province of Antwerp, I feel with the last residents of Doel which quickly became a ghost town created by the quick expanding of the port of Antwerp and its docks. Truly heartbreaking pictures too.

Loving this DIY project and I’d love to try it out myself for the baby room and Jules’ room.

Inge x

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7 Comments on This was fabulous January

    • Inge
      2014/02/09 om 20:14 (67 dagen ago)

      Dat is heel juist Kevin! Bedankt om me daaraan te herinneren, een link om toch nog even te vermelden in februari. :-) Groetjes, Inge x

  1. Charlotte
    2014/02/05 om 11:39 (71 dagen ago)

    Hey Inge!
    Leuk dat je nieuwe onderwerpen introduceert op je blog! ik ben altijd al fan geweest van een lijstje met links, is ook leuk om nieuwe blogs en websites te ontdekken voor je lezers! Misschien kan je bij iedere link nog een klein fotootje toevoegen, een kleine sneak-peak :-) .


    • Inge
      2014/02/09 om 20:13 (67 dagen ago)

      Hey Charlotte, bedankt voor je mening en goeie tip! Het onthouden waard, en ik ga dat zeker in gedachten houden voor het eind van deze maand. :-) Bedankt om te reageren en het is fijn om te lezen dat jullie nieuwigheden wel appreciëren. :-) Groetjes! x

  2. Claudia - DesignClaud
    2014/02/06 om 01:27 (70 dagen ago)

    Hi Inge, can’t believe January already finished. Time is going so fast! Within 90 days I’m back home again.. weird! I’m sorry I haven’t been on your blog lately. I’m seeing lots of cool posts passing by!
    I hope you are doing fine and that your little baby is comfortable as well ;-)

  3. Christina
    2014/02/06 om 13:52 (70 dagen ago)

    I think the link round-up is a great idea. It’s a great way to introduce each other to things, especially since, if we’re following you, we generally have the same likes.

    And thanks for including me in your first one, it’s an honor! :)
    Christina recently blogged…February’s simplifying gameMy Profile

    • Inge
      2014/02/09 om 20:10 (67 dagen ago)

      Thanks for your honest opinion Christina! Always great to hear what others think of new features on my blog… :-) And you’re very welcome, I think you did a great job in that post so I had to share the link to your blog in this very first feature. :-) Glad you liked it! x


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