Hello, I’m so glad you’re here! Come on in and learn all about me and my blog…

The blogging bug hit me when I wrote my very first blog during our road trip through the Westcoast of the USA back in 2009. I carried my old, heavy laptop with me everywhere. And I loved getting comments from everyone! You can still reread everything here (sorry, it’s only in Dutch – and still working on translation!). Because everyone told me they enjoyed reading my blog, I got the taste of blogging after that!

Why I started this blog? Back in 2010 when I gave birth to our first son Jules, I felt this sudden urge to write and share my inspirations and ideas. I wanted to do something creative during baby nap time. So that is what I did. I just started and wrote away, even though I had no clue what I was doing.

My hubby came up with the name for my blog, because he thought it said so much about my style: simple but chic. What a compliment huh? And I thought it sounded great and tadaaa… Simply Fabulous Chic was born! You will find lots of inspiration here on how to decorate your tables, rooms, color inspirations and once in a while I share lovely home tours.

I also have a special thing with old houses that have that kind of chic character. Squeaking floors, charming balconies, old details… I love it! Since I’m a mom myself I too have toys lingering around in our home. I too can’t be organized all the time. And my home isn’t always looking nice and tidy, but it means we are living our home! Living with a sparkle. And that’s the word I want to spread on my blog!

Sometimes you can also catch me blogging about random stories that happened in my week or during our travels, but most of my posts will be about home interior and lots of tips or ideas that I’ve picked up somewhere! Last but not least I would love to pursue my dream of being a fulltime blogger and writing my own book someday. I’d love to do something with my passion for a living! So follow me as I’m following my dreams…

Enjoy my blog people! And do live with a sparkle.

Inge x