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Hello and welcome to my online place on the world wide web. Do you want to work with me? And do you need a freelance copywriter, blogger or author?

Fantastic news! I can be the help you need! I love to inspire people and I love to write, with feeling and the ideal reader in mind. When we work together and I can get to write for you, I’d love to know exactly what you need, which feeling/message you want to bring and to who!

What I can offer you:

  • interesting and inspiring texts for online & printed media, websites and blogs
  • blog posts for you as ghost blogger (without my name)
  • news flashes and newsletters
  • texts for your social media profiles
  • translate your Dutch texts to English or vice versa
  • guest posts on your blog
  • and much more, in English or/and in Dutch!

According to your wishes, I can tell you what I can offer you. Do you want to collaborate and work with me? Great! Want to know my rates or more info? Let’s chat and contact me via



Great idea in your head? Want to work with me on a styling project (like styling your table, home or a little corner) or write about it? Quickly, contact me, I’m all ears on how we can work together! I’d be happy to start up something great, so let’s chat!


My information:

Simply Fabulous Chic

Bruges, Belgium

VAT: BE0507.931.392

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