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Talking about sharing one hell of a tip with you, sweeties, on where to have a drink, breakfast or lunch in Bruges! Nomad. Trust me when I say it’s the newest place to be. And a true gem. Owners Bram and Margaux recently bought and renovated the whole place, after owning a bed & breakfast in South-Africa for almost 6 years. To give their two little children a place to grow up closer to family, they returned back to Belgium. Their concept is simple: No Ordinary Meals and Drinks. Connected with their move abroad to South-Africa (and back to Belgium), it is a well-chosen name, Nomad.

And you can tell they have been inspired by South-Africa. The way the interior is styled, the food on the menu… All products are eco-friendly, daily and fresh, and more importantly: organic. All their vegetables come from De Hogen Akker, the organic farm of Bram’s parents. Are you a fan of superfoods like oats and granola? Or more into a healthy lunch? Interested in having an exclusive gin & tonic? They’ve got you covered. Heck, they even serve organic spelt pasta, which I think is great!

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Of course, as an interior lover I’m also always on the watch out for beautifully decorated places. So when my hubby told me about Nomad, I got curious. And when I saw the interior, my little interior loving heart jumped for joy. It is simply fabulous and chic. With white brick walls, modern hanging light bulbs, white tolix chairs and wooden floors, the place feels modern yet warm and cosy. Just perfect. I felt right at ease there. And inspired. I loved the simple touches on every table: a small vase with a little branch of rosemary. That’s an elegant way to add greenery (and wonderful scent).

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When Margaux asked us if everything was allright, I told her “yes, I think it’s very pretty here”. And she laughed, because she actually meant the food. Which was also way ok! She thanked me, but I was really impressed with everything. And also the friendly service there. So, if you’re in the area, or when you’re tired of shopping all day in Bruges, you can have a stylish drink, breakfast or lunch at Nomad. Definitely one to try out in Bruges!


‘t Zand 12

8000 Brugge

Open: every day, except on Sundays

More info: +32 (0)50 73 64 88


Oh well… what can I say? Tropical Miami as following destination would be perfect for an upcoming vacation, but unfortunately we won’t be traveling to Miami this year or in the nearby future. We did visit Miami, which has been already 5 years ago. My God, where did time go? I truly miss traveling (and I also do miss the sun, in a while I won’t be recognizing a bloody ray of sunshine if rainy and grey days continue to make my days… haha!). But if you’re lucky enough to go to a tropical destination this summer, I hope this will give you more inspiration on what to pack! Because these items would definitely end up in my luggage. *wink*

And if you really want to make my day, then I’d love to hear you share your vacations here with me! Where are you going this summer? (Did I mention I’m curious?)

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Ach ja, wat zal ik zeggen? Het tropische Miami zou perfect zijn als volgende reisbestemming. Maar helaas… dat staat niet op onze planning dit jaar. Of in de komende jaren. We zijn er al geweest hoor, wat ondertussen ook alweer 5 jaar geleden is. Mijn God, de tijd vliegt veel te snel. En wat mis ik dat reizen. (Ik mis trouwens ook de zon, nog even wachten en ik herken binnenkort al geen straaltje zon meer als deze grijze regenachtige dagen mijn dagen blijven vullen…. hihi) Maar als je tot de gelukkigen behoort en naar één of andere tropische reisbestemming vertrekt deze vakantie, dan hoop ik dat dit je de nodige inspiratie geeft om je koffers te pakken! Want deze dingen zouden zeker in mijn koffer belanden… *knipoog*

En als je écht mijn dag wil maken, vertel dan zeker over jullie vakantie plannen! Waar gaan jullie naartoe deze zomer? (En zei ik al dat ik nieuwsgierig ben??)


Inge x

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - 5 Travel Tips On How To Have A Fantastic Road Trip

image via Kate Spade

I am desperately looking for a vacation. And I’m in need of one too. Definitely one that involves some time away, because it has been so super busy, even during the holidays (and the rush of looking for presents and getting the home and everything ready for Christmas left me feeling super tired!). Can you imagine how tired I feel and the new year has only just begun? I hope I’m not the only one feeling tired though. *smile*

Anyway, this Tuesday I was dreaming away while I was scouring through pictures of our road trip to the West Coast in the USA, back in 2009 (OMG, time definitely did fly!). That was the first time my hubby and I did our very first road trip. And the butterflies and nervousness I felt when we finally arrived in LA that night and got our rental car. The feeling of excitement, nervousness and being tired is still fresh in my memory, but oh, how much I would give to go back! It was our best vacation ever! We saw so many things, took so many pictures… I loved it.

But it was also a huge adventure to prepare our road trip. I think I’ve been busy preparing and looking out for great deals for over a year! And the preparation was the biggest fun, because it made me happy — we would finally get to see more of the USA! Oh, we saw so many things, and we still didn’t see everything we wanted.

So I thought, being busy with creating fresh content on my blog and adding some subcategories, it would be nice to add some travel tips too, since I did travel a lot while we were still kid-free. *wink* Today I’m sharing away 5 tips on how to have a fantastic road trip without any problems or worries, especially when you’re dreaming of getting away too for a while.

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - route via The American Road Trip Company image + more routes via The American Road Trip Company

1. The Route

Where are you going to? Which route are you taking? You’ll need a starting point and end point. And you’ll definitely need a good map or a GPS! We wanted to see so many things, and most of the things we wanted to visit were located around the West Coast of the USA. We first read a lot of travel brochures, went through routes (good ones are at Connections, where we also bought our plane tickets!) and then made up our own route, carving out more time at places or cities where we wanted to spend a little more time. Then we decided what we were not going to do, because you simply can’t do everything — sadly enough. You have to check how many days you’re actually going to stay there (especially for European travellers, because the days you’re flying by plane are actually not the best days to do a lot of driving after arriving somewhere). But the main thing is: which part of the state (or part of the country, wherever you’re going to) are you wanting to visit? On our personal wish list is a road trip on the legendary Route 66, or starting from Chicago and driving all the way down to the Deep South and a beautiful Indian Summer road trip to the North East of the USA. So many things to dream of, in dreams I’m already driving there…

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image via Stephanie Williams Photography

2. The car

Definitely a big important thing to keep in mind! You need a good rental car for a good price (we got our rental cars here), or maybe have your own car ready to go. And what my husband always keeps in mind: check your tire pressure. The flatter the tire, the more gas your car is going to “drink”. Believe me, it does. Or when you’re planning another winter trip to somewhere cold, be sure to have good winter tires on your car (Tirendo has good deals for your new winter tires)! Consider an SUV when you’re driving to the mountains, or especially to places where you’re going to take a lot of hills (like the West Coast in the USA – it definitely isn’t Florida where everything is more flat). Also, think of the number of passengers and how much luggage you’re bringing along for the ride. If you’re anything like me, you’ll definitely need an SUV, which we always took. And add at least one other person to the rental car contract. It may cost a little more, but you’re always safer if another person can take over the driving for a day – especially if the other is not feeling well. Spouses are usually covered free of charge. So think about it!

3. Where To Stay?

Sure, you can plan every hotel you’re going to stay in, but you don’t really have to stick to the whole plan. Keeping it loose will also get you at places where you wouldn’t go to when you were sticking to the whole itinerary you got planned out. It is definitely important to have a few days “open” where you can still see where you’re going to go and maybe change up the plan and route a little bit. I did leave a few spots open, but I did plan every hotel, because I didn’t want to take the risk of not having a place to sleep that night, after driving a long way the whole day. Or worse: crashing at a funky weird hotel where you’re being asked if you’re staying the whole night. Yikes.

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - Get Your Kicks On Route 66

image: myself for Simply Fabulous Chic Blog

4. Bring Music

Ahhh, music brings peace of mind on the road while driving, don’t you think? At least that’s what music does to me when I’m driving! There were a few songs I took with me on my iPod (my gosh, how long ago did I use that thing??) that were suitable for playing while on the road. It will keep you relaxed, keeps you awake too when feeling tired and it adds a bit of your own movie soundtrack while watching all that gloriousness when driving through beautiful scenery. And of course is the legendary song “(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66″ appropriate for a trip down Route 66, like we played while driving there. *wink*

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - travel with pictures - picture by sfgirlbybay

image via sfgirlbybay

5. Take Pictures

Last but not least: take pictures!! A lot of pictures! Ok, some things are best remembered in your head when you’re walking around somewhere and you’re really taking in the scenery, but most of the times it is so great to have a lot of pictures. It makes coming back home worth while, because you have a lot of created memories that will bring you back to that place in an instant. You can frame them, put them in scrap books, put them on your laptop/computer or just enjoy watching while going through your good old photo album.

While I was busy creating this list of tips, I instantly came up with new tips, so that’s a great post for next month when I’ll be sharing more great tips while taking a road trip! If you still have cool tips to share, please write away in the comments – always nice to hear other people’s great tips or reminders for the next holiday or vacay.

Happy weekend lovelies,

Inge x