Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - How I Spent My Day On July 21st

As you may or may not know, Tuesday July 21st was our National Holiday here in Belgium! We spent our day at a very special birthday party. My grandmother’s 88th birthday party! Actually her birthday was on July 13th, just one day before the French celebrate theirs, but while my family and me were in the South of France on vacation, she decided to throw a little party on the 21st of July. We enjoyed some appetizers and a good gin & tonic, great food and the company of each other while the kids were playing.

I always thoroughly enjoy these moments with my family. We’re not a big family, but we’re all very close and I love every single person. It really fills my heart with a kind of glow whenever I get to spend some time with them.

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - A Day Well Spent

That is my granny with her four great-grandchildren. She is so proud of them, even more so than she is of us all. Actually she is also my godmother. And such a sweetheart. She and her late husband, my grandfather who died 20 years ago, have been and always will be very special to me. Like the rest of my rather small family. I actually grew up with my grandparents and my three cousins while my parents both went working. And I had the best childhood. In the weekends I had full attention of my parents and during the week there was the cosy but busy chaos of me and my cousins with our two grandparents who loved us to bits. We went to play in the park together, had pancakes on Wednesdays in the afternoon and got croissants with strawberry jam for breakfast sometimes. How sweet the memories.

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - How We Spent Our Day On July 21st - My Family

And here you have my oldest cousin, Ellen, her daughter Zya and me. She is like my younger sister. We both live rather far away from each other now, but I asked her to be godmother of our oldest boy Jules, so she would always be close to my heart and family. And we still are close, I love her to bits. Her two brothers always help me out with everything around our home (and yes, they drive the whole way from Antwerp to Bruges just to help out if I ask them to). I love these guys. And I really love Ellen’s kids. I love both, but the youngest, Zya, has a special place in my heart. She’s so cute when she cuddles me.

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - My Youngest Baby Boy and Me

My youngest baby boy Louis. Isn’t he darling? Always laughing. And when he’s not, he is sick or ill. Such a happy baby boy. Love him to bits, just like my other sweetheart Jules. Jules is much more serious, but oh so sweet to me. He loves cuddling and overflowing me with kisses and hugs, especially when he goes to bed after I read him a story.

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - Jules & Jules in the park

All pictures taken by Inge for Simply Fabulous Chic

Here’s Jules next to Jules, his favourite figure he loves reading about. He thought it was pretty cool Jules has a statue and was very proud to sit in front of the statue. Ahhhh, how I love my two boys!

So there you have it, say hello my family. This was a more personal post today, but I wanted to give you a peek on what has been going on in my life lately and share some more personal iPhone shots from a day well spent with my family. Pure bliss to me.

What do you love doing on a special holiday or a day off? Who do you spend it with? And who is special to you? I hope you had a great week and a superb weekend coming up!

Much love to all of you… x

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