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I’m Inge Picqueur, 33 and a decorating & home interior nut, world traveler, lover of Italy & USA, fan of peonies, white orchids and Apple products, chocoholic, shoe fanatic, and oh…I’m crazy about cupcakes too. The story of my life started on December 12th, 1980 in Brasschaat (Antwerp).

I had no sisters or brothers to play with but lots of cousins and friends AND two loving parents and a ginger colored dog to annoy… As a little girl I loved decorating my Barbie’s homes, writing away in my diaries, drawing on walls and other paper. I got rid of Barbie but my love for decorating never faded away.

There’s still this incurable passion inside of me to write and decorate. When I get my hands on books or magazines I lose myself completely. Or on Pinterest and other blogs. When I’m not blogging away and thinking about new posts to write about I also love strolling around on antique and flea markets to find new treasures to decorate our home with. And when I get to plan new travel road trips I’m as happy as a little girl – the fun I have planning our new trips is already a pleasure itself!

My husband and I live with our two sons and 7 year old dog in an old home of 1934 in Bruges (not in the historic centre though). We both had a click with this house – call it a sparkle if you will – and I still love the squeaky noise our wooden stairs and old floors make. I’m still responsible and in charge of decorating our house and on my blog you can follow our journey while I’m transforming our house into a home, because that is the most important thing: make your house a cozy home!

Besides chocolate, music, drawing, baking, magazines & books, beach, listening to music in my car while cruising around and thinking about new ideas, New York City, the smell in the air after a storm passed by, high heels, writing, peonies, orchids, making a detour when walking around in the neighborhood just to get a sneak peek of how people have decorated their homes… I also need this blog so much for writing away the inspiration I love sharing with you!

If you’d love to drop me a line, chat with me, meet me for a cup of tea (sorry, don’t drink coffee) or a fab cocktail, or you have an idea on how we can work together: you can always contact me here. Or connect with me on FacebookPinterestTwitter or Instagram. I’d love to meet you, my fabulous readers!

Love, Inge x

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