Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - How I Spent My Day On July 21st

As you may or may not know, Tuesday July 21st was our National Holiday here in Belgium! We spent our day at a very special birthday party. My grandmother’s 88th birthday party! Actually her birthday was on July 13th, just one day before the French celebrate theirs, but while my family and me were in the South of France on vacation, she decided to throw a little party on the 21st of July. We enjoyed some appetizers and a good gin & tonic, great food and the company of each other while the kids were playing.

I always thoroughly enjoy these moments with my family. We’re not a big family, but we’re all very close and I love every single person. It really fills my heart with a kind of glow whenever I get to spend some time with them.

Simply Fabulous Chic Blog - A Day Well Spent

That is my granny with her four great-grandchildren. Continue reading

SFC Blog - Colour Monday - Bright and Bold

 oranges / planter / lemons

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you can forgive my unfrequent posting here. There was a reason though, I was on a short break with my family to the South of France, Provence. Together with friends we spent a lovely week in the Luberon region. Filled with laughter, wine and swimming pool time! Absolutely fantastic. A week was too short but all in all was it a very much needed break. I wish I could have stayed longer, there is something about vacations that make you feel inspired. You have the time to reflect, to think about things and to feel pumped up and revived when you return home.

I have the same when I look at colours. They can inspire you, make you look gorgeous and make you feel vivid and alive. Like these bold beauties! What do you think of them? Are you planning to go on a vacay soon? Let’s hear it, so I can dream of future travels… *wink*


Inge x

SFC Blog - Our Home in Full Bloom - front

Say hello to our home. In full bloom. Like I shared on Instagram a few days ago. For the ones who want to follow me, you can find me @Simplyfabulouschic.  I really love how some flowers can really add more charm to your home. It really gives it more curb appeal, don’t you think? And as you can see, I’m totally into pink flowers. I’m also very fond of my two lavender blue pots at the front door. We bought them a few years ago in the South of France, Provence. Sometimes we plant lavender in them, sometimes just flowers. We even plant (mostly yellow) flowers in them during Fall, which makes it always a happy coming home. I’m so happy my husband has the green thumbs I don’t have, otherwise our home wouldn’t look as pretty as it does now. Continue reading